Rawiya Name design with Arabic Ruqaa script - تصميم اسم راوية بالخط العربي، التصميم بخط الرقعة - من تصميم نهاد ندم بخط عربي رقمي

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Rawiya Name Design
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Rawiya راوية

Rawiya Name Design with Arabic calligraphy in Ruqaa style.

اسم راوية بخط الرقعة

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Arabic Calligraphy Ruqah Script

Ruqʿah (Arabic: رُقعة) or Riqʿah (رِقعة) is a writing style of Arabic script intended for the rapid production of texts. It a relatively simple and plain style, used for everyday writing and often used for signs. The Ottoman calligraphers Mumtaz Efendi (1810–1872) and Mustafa Izzet Efendi (1801–1876) are credited with standardizing the writing style which has existed in slightly different styles as everyday handwriting. [1]

It is not to be confused with the much older reqāʿ (رِقَاع) style.

Here are some key characteristics of Ruqʿah script:

    • Simplicity: Letters are composed of short, straight lines and simple curves, making them easy to write quickly.
    • Clarity and legibility: The straightforward forms of the letters and consistent spacing between them ensure readability even at a glance.
    • Lack of embellishments: Unlike other decorative calligraphic styles, Ruqʿah avoids flourishes and ornamentation, focusing purely on function.
    • Even lines: Ruqʿah script emphasizes maintaining straight and level lines of text, contributing to its clean and organized appearance.

Sample names with Ruqʿah Style