Amna name with Arabic calligraphy, Ijazah style - تصميم اسم آمنة بالخط العربي ، تصميم بخط الاجازة - ابحث عن التصميم الاسماء هنا

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Amna آمنة

Amna name with Arabic Calligraphy Ijazah style.

 اسم آمنة بخط الاجازة 

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Arabic Calligraphy Ijazah Style

The Ijazah style originated in Baghdad in the 10th century, during the reign of the Abbasid caliph al-Ma'mun. It was developed by the calligrapher Yusuf al-Shuja'i, who named it the "Riyasi" script (after the vizier al-Fadl ibn Sahl, who was known as "Dhu'l-Riyasatayn" or "Holder of Two Offices"). The calligrapher Mir Ali Tabrizi further developed the style in the Ottoman Empire.


Ijazah calligraphy is a combination of two other major Arabic scripts, Thuluth and Naskh. It takes the following characteristics from each script:
Thuluth: Variety and multiplicity of letter shapes in the same position or passage, as well as the flexibility of the letters. This makes it well-suited for composition.
Naskh: Has small letter sizes, which make it suitable for multi-line writing. This also makes it easier to read.
Ijazah calligraphy is also characterized by its straight lines, precise angles, and geometric patterns. The letters are often elongated and spaced evenly, creating a sense of rhythm and order.

Modern Applications

Ijazah calligraphy is still widely used today for formal documents, certificates, and other important occasions. It is also used in decorative arts such as wall paintings, calligraphy panels, and book covers.

Samples of names with Ijazah style